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New NELP Class


Today was the orientation for new students at Seishin Junior High School, and so today I met my new NELP students. In April, our first grade class will have five NELP students. I'm very happy. These students all did very well on the NELP entrance exam and a couple of them also did well in the elementary school recitation section of the Notre Dame Cup English Speech Contest last November.

Here's a picture of the new NELP class. I'm very excited.

g0 02-15-09 new nelp.JPG


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English on the Board


I often find, at the end of the lesson, that there are some amazing, surprising and occasionally very funny things written on my board. I'd like to share a few of these here.

Second Grade:

1. Inform
2. Change the way people think about something
3. Cause people to take action
4. Entertain

Here we were talking about the purposes for speeches.


Here we were talking about things to look for in a story or poem.

Coat of Arms
Foot and Serpent

The students were studying "The Cask of Amontillado" and so we discussed a few things that were in the story.

Third Grade:


The third grade students are doing a public service announcement this term, so we studied a lot of different examples of public service announcements, one of which was an anti-drug PSA about heroin.

First Grade:

16:45 train
Kurashiki - Okayama

To be completely honest, I no longer recall what the bit about the train was. However, our story for that week was a news article about a report, paid for by video game developers, that encouraged video games to be used educationally in schools. So we talked about biases. My example was a guy who grows mangoes who pays for a report that says mangoes are good for our health.

We also discussed:

1. Inform
2. Change the way people think about something
3. Cause people to take action
4. Entertain

... purposes for giving a speech or writing an essay.

Third Grade:

Message: smoking is bad for our health.
Side stream, second hand smoking

Purpose: Cause people not to smoke.

Where: Cafeteria.


*** - customer
*** - camera
*** - smoke fx
*** - maid
*** - smoke fx
*** - older sister
*** - younger sister
*** - smoke fx
*** - customer

Here we were making plans for our anti-smoking PSA.

Second Grade:


Here, we were talking about different kinds of stories. However, I no longer recall the actual topic of our conversation.

First Grade:

John Bull
John Cheese
Jan Kees

Here we were talking about the origin of the word "Yankee". Now I know that wikipedia does not agree with the "John Cheese" theory. However, my source is the Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, so I think that's slightly more reliable than wikipedia.

Third Grade:

dog collar

In third grade, we watched "High School Musical 3" with English subtitles, and these words came up in the movie.

Second Grade:
Our board was filled with words, but here are a few of my favorites:

Jolly Roger (this was MY word, but all the others are from the students)
bad personal hygiene
eye patch

Next week, in second grade, we're going to be reading an article on Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean that are attacking ships near Indonesia. So we talked today about some classic pirate stereotypes and myths.

Among my favorite topics today was that the pirates had eye patches, not to cover blind eyes or empty sockets, but so that they could see better when they went below-decks of a ship during an attack (flipping up the eye-patch.

We also talked about sea-legs vs. land-legs, and how weeks and months at sea would leave the sailors staggering on dry land for a few days, leading to the reputation of sailors as a bunch of drunks.


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Pictures from 3rd Term

I'm finally ready to upload some pictures from 3rd term.

First Grade:

Here are a couple of pictures from a debate we had in class. The debate was about whether a human teacher would be better than a robot.

g1 2-13-09 debate 1.JPG

g1 2-13-09 debate 2.JPG

In Special Projects Class, the first grade students are making a short film about a haunted doll, so we had a 'Scary Doll Contest'.

g1 2-13-09 doll.JPG

g1 2-13-09 doll 2.JPG

g1 2-13-09 doll 3.JPG

Here are some pictures from the first grade reading class.

g1 2-13-09 reading 1.JPG

g1 2-13-09 reading 2.JPG

g1 2-13-09 reading 3.JPG

g1 2-13-09 reading 4.JPG

g1 2-13-09 reading 5.JPG

g1 2-13-09 reading 6.JPG

Second Grade:

Here are some pictures of a class discussion.

g2 2-13-09 discussion 1.JPG

g2 2-13-09 discussion 2.JPG

g2 2-13-09 discussion 3.JPG

Here are some pictures from the second grade reading class.

g2 2-13-09 reading 1.JPG

g2 2-13-09 reading 2.JPG

g2 2-13-09 reading 3.JPG

g2 2-13-09 reading 4.JPG

g2 2-13-09 reading 5.JPG

g2 2-13-09 reading 6.JPG

g2 2-13-09 reading 7.JPG

Third Grade:

My third grade NELP students and a few SELP students have been coming by after school to practice recitations for our in-school contest. During their free time they've been writing on the board.

g3 2-13-09 board.JPG

My third grade NELP students, as a final project, are making an anti-smoking public service announcement. Here, one of the students is rehearsing with a fake cigarette. I put a black banner over her eyes to protect her identity.

g3 2-13-09 psa 1.JPG

High School:
My high school 8th period NELP class is doing a special project for the Yumeji Art Museum by helping to translate their website from Japanese to English. The students have been amazingly enthusiastic and dedicated. I've been superly proud of them.

k1 2-13-09 yumeji.JPG

k1 2-13-09 yumeji 2.JPG


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This Week in NELP

2009年2月 7日

I've been very busy the last few weeks finishing up the 3rd Term reading handouts, making review sheets, and finishing the exams. I've already finished seven of my eight final exams for third term. I still need to make a few grammar quizzes, but all other work for the term is now complete.

I've also been preparing for our Hiruzen English Camp in March. I'm a little sad that only two of my twelve second grade NELP students have decided to join us at camp this year, but I'm excited about teaching them and working with the SELP students who will coming to camp.

Last week, the first grade students finished a news article about using video games in education, and we had a very nice discussion about how simulation software could be used as a teaching tool in many kinds of industries, jobs and careers.

The second grade students read The Cask of Amontillado ... at least most of them did. We then had a class debate over two topics. The first point was: if this had happened in modern times, would Montressor have gotten away with the murder of Fortunato, or would he have been caught by modern forensics? The second point was: would Montressor have been found competent to stand trial? Although I was sad to see that a few students did not participate, I was very glad to see that a couple of students showed tremendous effort in overcoming their shyness and joining the debate.

The third grade, due to high school entrance exams, had only two lessons last week, so we worked on their Public Service Announcement video project. They've decided to make an anti-smoking PSA, and they have some really great ideas.

This week was movie week in NELP class. The first grade students watched "Chicken Run" with Japanese subtitles. As they watched, they answered questions about the movie. The second and third grade students also had subtitles, but the subtitles were in English. The second grade watched "The Parent Trap", and the third grade watched "High School Musical 2". We had watched "High School Musical" at the Hiruzen English Camp last year, so the students wanted to watch part 2 for this year's class movie. However, it quickly became apparent that half the class had already seen part 2, so I have a strong feeling that the third grade movie will change next year. My high school class is currently watching Hoodwinked. We watch approximately 20 minutes of movie, and then spend 20 to 25 minutes talking about it. However, I feel that since the first graders have class only once a week, perhaps there just aren't enough high school lessons to justify a movie, so I have a strong feeling that movies will be permanently dropped from the high school curriculum in favor of something that uses our class time a little better.

This week, the first grade also began filming this term's special project: a short film about a scary doll. The students are VERY creative, and they're really putting a lot of effort into their movie.

I've sometimes noticed after class that there are sometimes some very interesting or surprising things on my blackboard, and it's often interesting to me the directions that my lessons can sometimes take as we make unexpected detours and journeys into topics related to our readings. Starting next week, I plan to share some of those things.

I have pictures on my computer, the latest NELP photos, long overdue. I hope to publish them to the blog on Monday.


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